Welcome to The Dox

Baltimore’s premier home for dance music of all genres. Nowhere else in the country will you feel the music like you’ll feel it at Paradox!
And you can keep feeling it until the end of August!
Yes, we had planned to close at the end of April, we had the party & planned to close the doors but as luck would have it, just weeks before our “final party”, we were asked to remain open due to delays in construction to the building by the new inhabitants to be.
Did we agree? Of course we did!
From now until the end of August join us to relive memories or start new ones as we host a multitude of parties so everyone can experience it for themselves.
Check our calendar for information on all the parties coming up! See you on the dance floor!
“Guy, if there's one thing you learn tonight, I hope it's this: The shit ain't over 'till the last record spins.” – GROOVE (2000)


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